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Who we are

Here at Tipples At Home we aim to make it even easier to enjoy your favourite drinks from the comfort of your own home. We've paired some of our favourite spirits with a range of mixers and thrown in a few little extra dehydrated fruit garnishes so you can make the perfect tipple... at home. Bars Open!



We pride ourselves on using zero plastic in our boxes. The “plastic” we use to keep our dehydrated fruit is in fact not plastic at all. We use NatureFlex, a bio-based and compatible cellulose film that is made from over 90% raw materials. So when you're finished with your dehydrated fruits, go ahead and add the bag to your compost. 

When trying to find a straw to offer to our customers we needed something that wasn’t plastic and that didn’t go soggy if it was left in a drink for too long. Luckily we discovered STROH wheat straws, the perfect 100% compostable solution to our problems. Each box comes with a few straws and I'm sure you will love them as much as we do.